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Integrity, Honor and Respect



Hello Friends and Neighbors!

     I am a 46 year resident of Morgan Hill running for City Council – District D. Although our City is now divided into districts once I am elected I will represent the entire City. I have already served 8 years as your Council member and I’m reaching out to you to elect me  again. I have always represented the community in a respectful and informed manner. I believe in effective leadership and fiscal accountably. I support downtown and small businesses. I do not want Morgan Hill to lose the charm that brought us all here to live and raise our families.

     I support a slow and controlled growth. I support our downtown and small business. I would like to see this corridor to be a safe and walkable area. To enhance our City’s revenue I would like to see more small manufacturing and R&D facilities come to the industrial areas. I am not in favor of large empty warehouses or distribution centers. Let’s work on getting good paying jobs for our citizens. 

     Connecting with the community has always been my priority. I’m available to meet with  all who contact me. I believe I need to hear all sides of the decision-making process before making up my mind. So as a voter you are first line for me. I have no hidden agendas nor do I represent any individual or group. I am dedicated to openness and fairness.

     It will be my honor to serve our community and represent you. I will serve in a positive and professional way as a member of the City Council.

My Goals For Morgan Hill

  • Infrastructure to Support Growth Slow and Controlled Growth

  • Safe Communities with Police and Emergency Services

  • Keep the Small-Town Feeling and Charm

  • Increase Tourism to Support the City’s Fiscal Needs

  • Address Unhoused and Mental Illness by Collaborating with Outside Agencies

  • Restore City Council Professionalism


Support My Campaign

Please support my campaign with a financial  contribution.

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